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The UK Government is consulting on changes to the law on how charities can raise money through society lotteries. To support local charities funded through charity lotteries please send them this response by 7th September.

Right now charities across the country are doing amazing work.

My local charity relies on society lotteries as a vital source of funding and I believe that the law should be updated to enable more funds to be raised this way.

The UK Government should allow Society Lotteries to:

  • Increase the Annual Sales Limit to £100 million worth of tickets. This will help reduce administration costs and allow more funds to go to charities that society lotteries support.
  • Increase the per Draw Sales Limit to £10 million worth of tickets, regardless of the maximum prize limit. This will safeguard society lotteries for the long term and help them avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Increase the maximum prize limit to £1 million, regardless of sales. This will still be well below the prizes offered by the National Lottery, but will allow society lotteries the flexibility to use higher prizes if desired, in order to increase sales and therefore raise more money for good causes.
  • Reduce the regulatory burden on small society lotteries by raising the sales thresholds to £40,000 per draw and £500,000 per year.
  • Allow new lotteries to aggregate their returns to good causes over a three year period to enable them to meet the statutory 20% to good causes but take into account sizeable start-up costs.

I believe in both the national lottery and society lotteries as a way of raising money for good causes.

These changes will support both and allow the causes I care about to raise more.

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